What is our mission?

The mission of Bridge Pride International (BPI) is to assemble a group of professionals with a stated purpose of “bridging the gap” of inequity by developing community-based educational/programs which will create professional opportunities for public housing residents (specifically urban inner-city and at-risk youth), thereby allowing them to tap into resources other than some of the options they see on a daily basis on the corner. Guiding Bridge Pride International‘s journey are jointly shared values: Our Children, Family, Family values, Integrity, Education, Financial Empowerment, Career Development, Self-Responsibility and Accountability.

Our Objectives

Bridge Pride International’s (BPI) overall objective is to provide youth development, community-based programs in Life Skills, academics and the Arts (specifically inner-city youth) to broaden their ability to succeed in an ever evolving 21st century global landscape. These programs and services are designed to engage African American/Blacks, Latino and LGBTQ identified residents.

Quick Stats Of Our Progress


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Spread the word! The more people who find out about our project, the more support it will get. So post a link to the project site on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page or include it in your email-signature. Or print out the project page and pin it to a noticeboard in lobby of your building and or in your office. You can always donate anonymously. Rather than a one-off donation.