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Who are we?

Bridge Pride International is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded by Selena Blake in 2007 after completed her first documentary entitled “Queensbridge: The Other Side.” This film focused on Queensbridge Public Housing located in Long Island City New York – the largest public housing development in the nation – by bringing awareness to a misrepresented and misunderstood community comprised of thousands of law abiding hardworking families.

Blake’s documentary aimed to show the outside world “The Other Side” of Queensbridge Houses: the positive aspects and attributes that are rarely seen in the media and void of the negative stereotypes and misperceptions.

In an effort to continue this much-needed work, Bridge Pride International (BPI) was formed to offer young people living in Queensbridge a springboard to opportunities far beyond the 49 acres radius of their daily realities. BPI will focus on developing an array of community-based programs that teach life skills, conflict resolution, academic enrichment including financial planning and management, the Arts- improvisation, drama, spoken word and visual arts programs designed to level the playing field for youth who may have the potential to be successful in a larger educational and/or professional context given a supplemental skill set as well as a “Bridge” to instilling “Pride” within themselves and their abilities to excel in a larger society. Additionally, because we are moving more towards a global economy, Bridge Pride International (BPI) will provide opportunities to participants interested in making a difference globally by creating a dialogue with other young people facing the same or similar issues internationally.